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Feb 18
 INTRIGUING AMAZONIAN JUNGLE Click Here to Read my Blog on my adventures in Peru  Peru-jungle  Blog 1 Follow me for the follow on blogs of my adventures in Peru
The Colourful Women of India
"India is such a colourful country it is one of the first experiences that we encounter when arriving in this geography for the first time."
The Tea Plantations near Darjeeling
Amazing how hard the women work when picking the leaves from the tea plants.  Regardless to the weather conditions they battle on. Check out my video
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Beautiful Australia & New Zealand
Stunning Australia and New Zealand Landscape.
Wildlife of Australia & New Zealand
While travelling to New Zealand via Australia I thought it was about time I started to take some wildlife images for personal pleasure.  Most of my photography is commissioned commercial/corporate work in the studio or location. I now ask myself why I haven’t spent some time exploring wildlife photography, capturing the habits of animals other than the human kind. The cute Kola Bear was quite happy getting on with its life but stopping to pose occasionally, yes it was cuddly and adorable and wow didn’t he know it. Glad I had my canon 70-200 L lens to capture these images…. My next encounter reminded me of when I was a child and used to watch “Skippy the Kangaroo”………. Ok so many of you don’t remember this program or even know about it, check it out on the Skippy link you don’t know what you have missed…. What amazing exotic birds fly around in Australia.  Not only do they prance around as if they own the place but the parots are cheeky enough to pinch the sugar packets from the dining tables. This chap was enjoying his treat then along came a friend!  Not sure if the exhibitionist was working for […]
Beautiful Maddalena, Sardinia
Travel Photography The Enchanting Island of Maddalena, Sardinia, Italy Stunning, stunning, stunning………. When we were informed that our holiday on a Gullet Cruise around Croatia had been cancelled, 4 days before we were due to fly it was all systems go to find an alternative venue with flights the same day as the original.  The norm, we could get the hotel but not the flights or flights but not hotel.  Oh, and one condition it had to be somewhere warm.  Mmmm the weather forecast wasn’t brilliant in many parts of Europe and search became more limited.  Alas there it was a beautiful hotel in Sardinia, the forecast promised good weather and flights were available. What we didn’t realise was that Maddalena was a small island off Sardinia and accessible via ferry.  After lugging heavy luggage up narrow stairs on the ferry we sat in anticipation as to what we were going to find.  We fell in love with the Island the minute we stepped onto the ground, the people were warm, welcoming and helpful and the scenery was just breath taking.  I looked forward to taking my camera and going out into the wilderness. The quaint Italian town of Maddalena […]
Bike Ride for Charity
Bike Ride for Charity Last week I was busy taking images in the studio of Mike Saunders bike in aid of supporting his chosen charity the Air Ambulance.  A charity that is well worth the support for the amazing work they do.  I remember when living at my previous home, the air ambulance had to land on our land to enable they to assist in an accident that had occurred on the A52, what amazing people. Mike started cycling at the ripe old age of 63 and has taken part in many cycling events including London to Paris, the 3 cities which included London, Brugge and Amsterdam and the London 100 miles closed roads.  In his wisdom he has chosen to once again do the London 100 mile closed roads and is raising morning for his chosen charity the London Air Ambulance. Londons Air Ambulance London’s Air Ambulance is the charity that delivers an advanced trauma team to critically injured people in London. The service provides pre-hospital medical care at the scene of the incident and serves the 10 million people who live, work and commute within the M25. The team, which at all times includes an advanced trauma doctor […]
Adelphia Local Band Film at Elle Je Studio
A local up and coming band Adelphia used our studio to film their video for their track “Better Off”.  The infinity cove was a great asset and enabled them to provide the type of background they required for this shoot.